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A new partnership with CSTB

In June 2021, FrenchFlair Audio and the CSTB, Scientific and Technical Center for Building, signed a partnership to equip the active acoustic systems Carmen and CarmenCita with AS-8 speakers.

“The active acoustic systems allow the spectator to be immersed in a 3D sound space by adapting the acoustics according to the type of show. On the walls and ceilings, microphones and speakers are precisely positioned. The captured sound is processed with the addition of a reverberation, then sent back to the speakers. For each type of performance, a configuration is set during the installation phase in order to optimally adjust the duration of reverberation, the balance of timbres and the sound envelopment of the audience,” explains Jan Jagla, a CSTB research engineer.
To develop the commercialization of its systems, the CSTB requested for proposals for an industrial partner to supply professional high-end speakers to match with the acoustic exigence of the systems.
The audio performances of the AS-8, the shallow depth facilitating the architectural integration and the wide possibilities of customization seduced the CSTB, which chose the AS-8 for the exclusive equipment of the Carmen and CarmenCita acoustic systems.

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