AS Series

Lighting track

Aluminum mast with lighting track adapter
AS-3, AS-5, AS-D5 compatible

  • Lighting tracks (Spot)
  • Stage structures (Stage)
  • AS-3 and AS-5 compatible

Technical data & Download

FrenchFlair Audio tubes are an innovative and unique solution in the professional audio market

Designed to fit lighting tracks (Spot model) and tubular stage structures (Scenic model), they offer both ease of installation and exceptional placement flexibility.

Compatible with AS-3 and AS-5 professional speakers, these tubes are ideal for temporary applications such as trade shows or temporary exhibitions.

Flexible and customisable innovation

For more possibilities, we offer two distinct systems:

  • The Spot solution is delivered with a lighting track adapter to be installed on tracks such as ERCO ®, NORDIC Aluminium ® or equivalent.
  • The Scenic solution is fixed on ‘truss’ clamps suitable for your tubular structures.

Each of these solutions is equipped with the FrenchFlair Audio clamping nut which allows a 360° orientation on 2 axis.

For integration in perfect harmony with our speakers and the design of the location, our tubes are available in black (RAL9011) or white (RAL9016), but can also be customised from a selection of 200 RAL colours.

We also offer an extension to increase the length of the tube if required.

Elegant and customisable mounting system

Like our speakers, our masts are customisable with a choice of 200 RAL colours in addition to the standard black (RAL9011) and white (RAL9016).
To increase the length of the tube for ceiling installation, we also offer a mast extension with the same choice of colours.

Fit with the lighting track

The light rail allows spatial positioning from an existing light rail. However, it does not allow the speaker to be powered from the track. Proper audio wiring is required for the speaker to function properly.

Technical Data

  • Application
    Lighting track (Trussing and staging systems otpion available)
  • Orientation
    2 axis 360°
  • Collar Nut
  • Tube dimension
  • Material
  • Colour
    All RAL's
  • Compatibility
    AS-3 / AS-5 / AS-D5