AS Series

Si Trapeze

Adjustable suspension for sound diffusion under great height
Compatible with AS-3 only

  • 360° swivel
  • Integrated audio signal
  • Integrated power supply

Technical data & Download

An ingenious system for high ceilings

Designed for large ceiling heights, FrenchFlair Audio Trapeze Si suspensions are ideal for aerial sound reinforcement of your spaces.

Whether your sound needs are distributed or localized, they easily adapt to their environment by freeing themselves from walls and support surfaces.

For greater modularity, the trapezoidal Si system offers multiple possibilities of orientation on 360°.

Si for Integrated Signal.
The audio signal and power supply are integrated into the suspension slings, which connect directly to the speaker. This means there are no more exposed audio cables!

Precise orientation of sound sources

The Si Trapeze suspension was designed to suspend speakers at height. Thanks to its trapeze bar and its clamping nut, it offers a very great modularity, allowing a 360° orientation of the speaker.

The Si trapeze consists of a mounting disk placed on the ceiling and connected to a trapeze tube by two sheathed and insulated suspension cables.  The loudspeaker is fixed on the horizontal tube thanks to the clamping nut which then makes it possible to direct it in the desired direction.

An elegant and customizable mounting system

Thanks to their light and refined design, Si Trapeze suspensions integrate discreetly into their space, without distorting the beauty of the place.

Like the AS-3s with which it is associated, the system can be customized with a wide choice of colors from a selection of 200 RAL colors, in addition to black (RAL9011) and white (RAL9016).

Integrated signal, an AS-3 exclusivity

The Si Trapeze suspension is dedicated to the AS-3 (low impedance and 100 V versions).
A terminal stripe at the level of the plate installed in the ceiling allows to connect the suspension to the network. The signal is then routed by the two slings to the speaker phoenix connector.

Technical Data

  • Application
    Under ceiling
  • Orientation
    2 axis 360°
  • Collar nut
  • Disc dimension
    ∅ 145mm
  • Tube dimension
  • Weight
  • Material
  • Colours
    All RAL's
  • Compatibility
    AS-3 / AS-3 100V