A new look
at professional sound

Faced with a uniform market where professional sound solutions are limited to their technical and acoustic functions, we wanted to breathe new life into this universe where aesthetics would also find its place.

Just like light, sound is everywhere: on the terraces of party restaurants, in museums, bars, receptions and hotel corridors…

So why not consider speakers beyond their simple functionality? Why not make them, like lighting fixtures, real design objects that fit fully into their space?

This is the challenge that gave birth to FrenchFlair Audio: to finally give sound systems the aestheticism that they have been so lacking and to bring them out of the shadows, without compromising on the technology and sound quality of the equipment.

The harmony of sound,
form and space

An unparalleled sound signature for resolutely top-of-the-range professional speakers

Because we are acousticians first and foremost, FrenchFlair Audio’s professional sound systems are the result of extensive research and development work to achieve acoustic performances worthy of the biggest players on the market.

An inimitable design, for professional speakers to suit your spaces

When we speak of integration into space, we speak of design. This is why aesthetic integration of our equipment is at the heart of our approach.

We have, therefore, worked hard on the shape of our AS speakers: rounded on the front and slightly tapered for a light touch and discreet design. The shapes are designed to seduce, whatever the configuration: alone or in clusters, as wall lights, as ceiling spots, on furniture, hanging…

Au-delà de sa silhouette et de ses lignes épurées, nous avons aussi porté une attention particulière au choix des matières et des couleurs.

L’aluminium, matériau noble prisé des architectes, s’est imposé naturellement puisqu’il offre, outre sa légèreté et sa solidité, de très belles capacités acoustiques.

Quant aux textures et aux couleurs, nous avons souhaité permettre une vraie personnalisation avec un large choix de peintures (parmi les 200 teintes du nuancier RAL) et de tissus de façade (20 coloris différents), le tout permettant d’innombrables combinaisons pour s’accorder au mieux avec l’esprit du lieu.

Fit into the space

In essence, sound is closely linked to space. A hidden or poorly positioned speaker can have a significant impact on sound quality.

A location’s sound system involves, in fact, an important thinking process with regard to the placement of the acoustic sources.

With this in mind, we worked on the positioning of speakers by developing a whole range of hanging systems that allow each of our models to be adapted to the configuration of the location.

We therefore offer new solutions for the positioning and orientation of speakers within their settings; different accessories each with their own design and unique technical characteristics.


100% French know-how

Because quality is at the heart of our values, but also an ethical concern, we wanted to give priority to French expertise at every stage of manufacture of our professional sound solutions. Therefore, all our products are conceived, designed, prototyped and assembled in France, in our workshop.

Whether it is the foundry or the paint shop, most of our suppliers are located nearby in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and even in the heart of the Lyon metropolitan area.

Only our loudspeakers are manufactured by our European neighbours, simply because they are the best in the business.

Beyond its silhouette and its pure lines, we have also paid particular attention to the choice of materials and colours.

Aluminium, a noble material prized by architects, was a natural choice since, in addition to its lightness and solidity, it offers excellent acoustic properties.

As for the textures and colors, we have enabled real customization with a wide choice of paints (among the 200 colors of the RAL color chart) and facade fabrics (20 different colors), all allowing countless combinations for your ‘ accord as well as possible with the spirit of the place.

Sustainable professional sound equipment with limited environmental impact

With a concern for our environmental footprint, we have designed our products so that all parts are removable. This sustainable approach to professional sound systems allows us to combat the obsolescence of our equipment in the long term, by making it possible to recondition the speaker.

This desire is also illustrated in the choice of our materials. We favour solid and recyclable materials such as aluminium, known for its durability, as well as recycled plastics and cardboard packaging (instead of plastic) for minimum impact.

Finally, working with local partners is also part of this approach as this significantly reduces the carbon impact of our manufacturing process.