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  • Wall Mounting
  • Sub-Ceiling
  • AS-3, AS-5 Ccompatible


The mast is a hanging system developed by FrenchFlair Audio, to fixed AS-3 and AS-5 in all planes of space in any orientation for precise, free and secure positioning. It is possible to attach one AS-5 per mast, and one or two AS-3, due to the small size of the speaker.

  • Application
    Wall, Ceiling
  • Orientation
    2-axis 360°
  • Weight (AS-3/AS-5 masts)
    0.50 kg / 1 kg
  • Dimensions (AS-3/AS-5 masts)
    Tube lenght: 250 mm  ∅ 136 /176 mm
  • Material
    Aluminium or Steel

Modularity & Assthétics

The speakers are attached to the masts by an unique collar nut, developed by FrenchFlair Audio. It is composed of two orientation axes, each allowing a 360 ° rotation for a thorough positioning.

The Masts are available in our standard colours black (RAL9011) or white (RAL9016), and can be customised from a selection of 200 RALs.

A mast extension is also available to increase the length of the tube for ceiling installation.