FrenchFlair Audio:
expertise meets boldness

FrenchFlair Audio, the French brand of professional sound equipment, was founded in 2012 under the leadership of Guillaume Boda.

Specialised in the development of electro-acoustic products, this acoustical engineer by training began his career in the design office of a French manufacturer with an international reputation.

Guillaume Boda worked there for four years in R&D, designing state-of-the-art professional sound systems for concert halls.

This rich experience was consolidated in Australia from 2008 to 2012, where he became responsible for product development for an internationally renowned brand. There he worked on the electroacoustic design of speakers and their industrialisation, as well as on the sales and marketing strategy.

On returning to France, he decided to use his experience to launch his own project.

He joined forces with Charles Bouisson, a building acoustician, with whom he shared the ambition of creating professional sound products that could speak to architects.

The concept was based on the observation that conventional sound products, as they were known, did not match the aesthetics of the spaces in which they were installed.

The challenge for the two founders was therefore to offer the same level of technicality and sound quality as the best speakers on the market, with real innovation and R&D work, while imagining elegant and customisable products. Objects that can be integrated in perfect harmony into the most sophisticated decors, but also meet the technical integration constraints experienced by architects, while still meeting the acoustic requirements of the location.

A strong identity between French excellence and elegance

This resolutely high-end determination is illustrated by the brand’s manufacturing choices, because FrenchFlair Audio offers a range of products exclusively developed and manufactured in France. The company works with a network of subcontractors located mainly in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, and more particularly in the Lyon metropolitan area.

It also works with leading European audio manufacturers, particularly for loudspeakers, which are produced by its European neighbours, countries which are world leaders in this market.

Elle collabore par ailleurs avec des fabricants audio européens de premier rang, notamment pour les haut-parleurs qui sont produits chez nos voisins européens, dans les pays de référence mondiale sur ce marché.

State-of-the-art know-how and a global vision for professional sound systems

FrenchFlair Audio’s expertise is illustrated in the electro-acoustic development of its speakers and the global thinking around their design. An approach that includes the development of hanging systems and the integration of the product within its space.

The idea is always to infuse this notion of ‘design’ into the ecosystem of professional sound systems.

The AS series: professional speakers that revolutionise their market

After a long period of research and development, FrenchFlair Audio launched its first range of speakers on the market at the beginning of 2014: the AS range with the AS-3, the AS-5 and the AS-S10, combine high acoustic performances, elegance and discretion. The 3 speakers are accompanied by 4 families of dedicated mechanical hanging systems.

Success was immediate as the speakers were instantly chosen by the interior designers of a famous Parisian palace on the Place Vendôme for the premises’ sound design.

On the strength of this first success, the brand collaborated with audiovisual integrators and design offices which equip prestigious venues, such as hotels and bars in Saint Tropez and Saint Barthélemy, who are known for their demanding clientèle. This requirement reflected what FrenchFlair Audio intended to offer: high-end sound equipment with high added value.

Quality recognised in France and internationally

Thanks to its growing reputation, the company began to develop throughout France and then rapidly expanded, exporting to Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Morocco and the United States via French partners.

In 2017, FrenchFlair Audio continued to grow and gave birth to two new products in the AS range: the AS8 and the AS-S24 – sound systems for venues such as party venues that regularly host DJs.

Then, in 2019, while it was experiencing this strong rise in popularity, the brand took a new step in its commercial and strategic development by joining the French Team.


This group – from the audiovisual sector, and already involved in the development of other brands in the sector (lighting, stage structures, etc.) – had excellent knowledge of the market and all the weapons to enable FrenchFlair Audio to move up a gear

For the brand, it was a real catalyst in terms of the industrialisation and marketing of its speakers.

FrenchFlair Audio’s products were now available from a distributor in France, and its international development accelerated with the support of a sales team in charge of distribution abroad.

A promising partnership
with the CSTB

2021 marked a new stage in the development of FrenchFlair Audio, which signed a partnership contract with the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment).

This public company, which is responsible for certifying innovations in the building industry, also develops software and advanced specialised tools for acoustics.

As a result, FrenchFlair Audio speakers were selected as part of the Carmen & Carmencita project, an innovative electroacoustic system that allows sound adjustment in entertainment venues (reverberation assistance system, real-time adjustment of acoustic characteristics for prestigious entertainment venues).

This partnership, which marked the beginning of a beautiful collaboration, confirmed the quality of FrenchFlair Audio and reinforced the promotion and development of the Carmencita system through the brand’s solid sales network.