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When sound enhances space

FrenchFlair Audio is a French company that designs and manufactures professional sound equipment. We constantly innovate to produce high-performance speakers at the cutting edge of technology and design.

A perfect blend of technical innovation and elegance, our professional speakers and their hanging systems have been designed to blend in seamlessly in the spaces in which they are installed.


The professional speaker reinvented

FrenchFlair Audio takes a fresh look at the professional speaker.

Because sound can dress up a space in the same way as light, we wanted to create elegant and customisable sound systems, real aesthetic and technological gems.

Therefore, far from the conventional shapes that we traditionally prefer to hide, the FrenchFlair Audio professional speaker is all curves and lightness.

Its unique design, inspired by lighting fixtures, offers us a new vision of the sound object. A product that takes its place within its setting to go beyond its simple functionality. A transcended item that assumes its acoustic potential tenfold by integrating itself into the heart of architectural projects.

FrenchFlair Audio was born out of this challenge: to finally give sound systems the aestheticism that they have been so lacking and to bring them out of the shadows, without compromising on the technology and sound quality of the equipment.

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The FrenchFlair Audio professional speaker: a clever blend of innovation and know-how

Beyond its design, the FrenchFlair Audio professional speaker is also, and above all, distinguished by its high level of performance.

Supported by our research and development unit, our Lyon-based manufacturing workshop handles all the prototyping as well as the technical development and final assembly of our products.

Our measurement systems, as well as our mechanical and acoustic design, have enabled us to establish our speakers in their top-of-the-range position, with real added value in on the sound quality.

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“The idea that a sound system can take on a new role in an interior was the starting point for our approach.”

Guillaume Boda, FFA founder.