Our Speakers

Professional sound systems unprecedented in their market

A perfect blend of technology and design, FrenchFlair Audio’s products create an unprecedented bridge between professional sound and interior design. An innovative approach that makes the brand a unique reference in the field of sound systems.

100% made in France, all our speakers are imagined, designed and assembled by hand in our workshop.

Produced in limited series, our sound systems can be fully customised to allow tailor-made solutions and optimal integration, in perfect harmony with the spirit of the venue.


Modularity and refinement for successful technical and aesthetic integration

To offer extensive hanging options and to allow greater modularity of our sound systems, we have developed exclusive fixing accessories that are elegant, flexible and secure.

The result of careful consideration of the positioning of speakers within their spaces, these new mechanical systems make it possible to respond, without compromise, to all architectural challenges.

Apart from their functionality, their discreet and customisable design makes them indispensable for optimal technical and aesthetic integration.


Our sound systems

New solutions for professional sound without compromise

All the speakers in the AS range are made of aluminium. This noble, durable and ultra-rigid material ensures optimum fidelity and improves the acoustic performance of the loudspeakers. It also gives them a refined design with a light silhouette and round, tapered forms.
To guarantee high-level sound performance, all are equipped with professional loudspeakers that incorporate state-of-the-art passive electro-acoustic technology. The loudspeakers are selected from the best European suppliers to ensure the highest acoustic quality.

The AS (Aluminium Speaker) range consists of six professional speakers that are distinguished by their optimised size/performance ratio.
This highly complementary range forms a coherent system with a wide range of uses.
The multiple possibilities for modulation and combination of our products have been designed to respond as effectively as possible to all your professional sound scenarios.

FrenchFlair Audio a unique fastening concept on the professional sound market

To allow our professional speakers to express their full potential and offer them the best location, we have developed innovative and exclusive integration solutions.

These modular and customisable hanging systems are available in 4 families of fixings to adapt to the greatest variety of configurations.

To ensure perfect modularity as well as greater freedom of integration, we have designed a revolutionary new clamping nut that allows a 360° orientation of our speakers on two axes.


With this holistic approach to sound systems, we promote the projection of direct sound through controlled speaker placement and orientation.

And because all our sound fixtures are designed with a true aesthetic eye, they become an integral part of the venue, allowing you to play with the architecture and volume to create the perfect harmony.