Products - Loudspeakers


  • Coaxial 5’’ powered speaker
  • Dante™
  • Poe+ power supply
  • Extended finish options
  • Multiple rigging options


The AS-D5 widens the variety of integration possibilities of FrenchFlair Audio’s range of products with the integration of the PoE+ and Dante technologies.

Built around an ultra-rigid yet smooth cast aluminum casing, the coaxial AS-D5 boasts superior and high-end acoustic performances.

Inheritating from the acclaimed round and pure lines and dimensions of the AS-5, the engineering of the AS-D5 has been thought out from the start in order to implement a 60W amplification card, featuring a DSP. The speaker also benefits from a front horn-shaped bafle that smoothens the frequency response.

This model offers a highly technical sound reinforcement solution to the AV integrators while maintaining the aesthetical standards and sonic signature of our AS range of loudspeakers.



DanteTM (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) is primarily for professional, commercial applications. Most often, it is used in applications where a large number of audio channels must be transmitted over relatively long distances or to multiple locations.

Dante™ is a combination of software, hardware, and network protocols that delivers uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network using IP (internet protocol) packets.

The audio is segmented and wrapped it in IP (Internet Protocol) packets suitable for transmission across a standard IP network. The packets contain timing information and source and destination network addresses, allowing them to be efficiently routed through the network to the correct destination.

The Dante™ Controller software allows automatic detection of all compatible products that are within an ethernet network, and offers routing and control of the supported audio signals.

Click here to download DanteTM Controller.


PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that provides both power and data transmission in a standard Ethernet cable. A single network cable is able to pass through a voltage of up to 48V as well as digital data at 100Mbit/s or 1Gbit/s.

FrenchFlair Audio uses PoE+ ( standard that allows for up to 25.5W of electrical power at each end-point.

  • Transducteur
    2 voies coaxiales 5" + 1"
  • Frequency Response (-10dB)
    80 - 20 kHz
  • Efficacité 1W/1m
    91 dB SPL
  • Directivity
    Conical 90° @2Khz ; 70°@10kHZ
  • Amplification
    60 W class D
  • Max SPL
    109 dB SPL max
  • Connection
  • Material
  • Dimensions / weight
    ø182 x 236 mm / 4,5 Kg

Integration & Aesthetic

A wide variety of possible integration schemes

Thanks to the dedicated FrenchFlair Audio rigging solutions, the AS-D5 can be mounted, installed or flown in a variety of ways to match the design of sound plans.

The versatility of the systems and their modularity allow for optimal positioning of the loudspeakers to favor direct sound diffusion, which is essential for quality sound reinforcement applications.

Equipped with a RJ45 socket, the AS-D5 could not be easier to connect onto an audio network.

A unique design

  • Finish options : The AS-D5 is offered with a finely textured powder coated finish that minimizes the effects of light reflection
  • Colours for the speaker and mouting system: Standard version are black (RAL9011) or White (RAL9016) and Custom RAL (more than 200) finishes are available on demand.
  • Front grille fabrics cover : The acoustic fabrics covering the metal grill can be chosen amoung 20 different tons.