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MUN – Paris – Summer 2020

Technical sheet:

Ville – Pays :
Paris – France

Architectes :
Eve Von Romberg
et Charlotte Besson‑Oberlin

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Crédits photos :
Romain Ricard



A confidential address on the most famous avenue in the world? MUN take place above the Champs-Élysées.

MUN invites you to stroll into a imaginary Asia. From the Opium lounge to the sushi-bar in the Blue Lotus atmosphere. The charms of the Pullman wagon, an irresistible climate where mingle the opulence of fabrics, muted lights of paper lantern, lacquers, dark woods and alcove tables. From the tree-lined rofftop, you discover a stunning view on the roofs of the French capital.



Mun Paris Society@RomainRicard