Jan. 2015 – Café Charmant – Oullins, France

Technical sheet :

City – Country :
Oullins – France
Architects :
MVMZ Architecture
Contractor :
Café Charmant
Equipment :
4 AS-3 (finition A1/B10)
1 caisson LD SUB88
Ampli. AUDAC DPA153
Préamp. ECLER SAM313

The project :

Le Café Charmant is a brand new bar and restaurant that sets perfectly in the cultural and trendy renewal of Oullin’s community.

In a 2.0 bistro spirit, the Café Charmant likes to propose products quality (pure italian style coffees) with simplicity and sincerity.

Architect bureau MVMZ et the café’s owners worked with FrenchFlair Audio on the sound installation.
The chosencolor match and flexibility of the products brought spectacular integration with AS-3 loudspeakers and a subwoofer that is hidden in the custom-made durniture behing the bar.

A nice emaple of succesfull and low-cost sound integration.