FrenchFlair Audio has created a new and unique bridge between audio and architecture.
Thought-out, designed, developed and assembled by hand in our workshop, our loudspeakers represent a new standard for the sound reinforcement of exquisite spaces, and offer full custom capabilities to match their interiors.

An exclusive range of rigging accessories has been developed along with the speakers as part of the global reflexion on the positionning of esthetically pleasing audio products.
Our solutions offer unprecedented mounting and orientation of our loudspeakers, no matter the architectural challenges that can be faced within a project.

AS Series

The AS (Aluminum Speakers) Series is composed of 5 models featuring optimal size to performance ratios.
Coherency is a key aspect of our range of speakers, and the different AS models can be carefully arranged within various sound reinforcement schemes.

Aluminum is greatly appreciated by architects for both its softness and the rough aspect it can display. Yet in our products, aluminum offers a blend of rigidity and malleability like no other material and allowed us to create slim and light shapes with superior acoustic qualities.

Equipped with the finest professional transducers from the most reknown european manufacturers, our speakers benefit from the latest acoustic technologies and development tools.

AS Series

The location of the loudspeakers is the first criteria when faced with critical acoustic spaces. To favor direct sound over reverberation, innovative mounting and rigging solutions are needed.

FrenchFlair Audio has developped 4 different lines of accessories that can each be a solution for various project’s needs.
To ensure a total modularity, we have created a unique tightening nut (Collar Nut) that allows for 2 axes and 360° orientation on most our rigging systems.

Playing with the architecture, with space and boundaries, is becoming a game of where and how to position the speakers.