AS Series – Design + Audio = Innovation

For the first time, a line of professional loudspeakers which offer a dual vision of answering both visual and technical demands.

By placing the speakers at the forefront, you can use their ability to match the architecture, showing the  greatest respect for the speakers acoustic emission and audio quality.

A new aesthetical standard


The AS-Series speakers are available in standard versions, featuring slick black or white bodies (RAL9011 or RAL9016) and a grill covered with a satin and aluminum shiney acoustic cloth.

This dual tone made by this mix of black or white paint, along with the aluminum fabrics , stands as a subtle and elegant standard offer.

The shape of the AS-3, the AS-5 and the AS-8 might look simple. Install the speaker and see how it reveals a timeless yet modern design.

A shape that flatters the eye, in all types of applications and all integration solutions : alone, as a ceiling spot, on a piece of furniture, when suspended or used in cluster.

The AS-S10 is a subwoofer that stands out thanks to its rounded corners and discret design, and with a great size-to-output ratio.

Manufactured with the greatest care and precision, the AS-S10 features a finish comparable to high class furniture.

Custom finishes : A sound system capable of enhancing your project


The AS Series is capable of spectacular visual innovation, and aims to meet the needs of integrated architecture, interior decoration and furniture design.

The AS-3, the AS-5, the AS-8 and their mounting accessories are painted by professionals, and feature a durable specific fine textured powder coating.

FrenchFlair Audio offers all colours (RAL).

A rough aluminum finished option is also available. This time it lets the material speak for itself. This special finish is a surface treatment that enhances the cast aluminum aspect and keeps it corrosion resistant.

The front faces of the loudspeakers add to the design as well.

The solid metalic grills are covered with acoustically transparent fabrics. Carefully selected, the choice of cloth adds softness and a visual match.

Choose between 20 different shades, as you would for a fashion accessory !

Design process : Redefine speakers, in Spaces and Places


The idea that a quality sound system can hold a new place as a part of the decor or an architectural element, is at the core of our approach. From the beginnning, we wanted to go beyond the scope of what a loudspeaker is, by thinking like creators and designers from the initial phase of an Architecturally designed project, to its installation on site, for long lasting and creative projects.

The AS Series is born to be customised. The initial design of the loud speakers and their rigging accessories, leave room for custom casings, mounting frames or to allow for any visual addition.