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AS Series

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Discover the AS Series

FrenchFlair Audio has created a new bridge between audio and architecture. The AS Series is this new interface with new mounting concepts, premium performances and a timeless design that will match everyone’s requirements within a project : sound professionals, architects, Interior Designers and end-users alike.

The range comprises 3 models,  with an optimum size to performance ratio : the AS-3, the AS-5 and the AS-S10. Coming from the latest acoustic design methods and a new way of thinking about sound in space, they form a coherent system that’s able to cover a wide range of applications.
Vary the number and choice of the different models to create a solution for any situation.

The shape of our products is dedicated to their function. The tracks on both sides of the AS-3 and AS-5, along with their rigging accessories, allows for unprecedented freedom and accuracy in the placement of the loudspeakers.

AS stands for Aluminum Speakers. Constructing our products in aluminum WAS a deliberate choice for durable mechanical and aesthetic values. It blends the rigidity of a light material,  with the elegance of well designed architectural products.

Designed and made in France, our loudspeakers are equipped with carefully selected transducers from the finest European companies.

Applications of the AS Series

FrenchFlair Audio brings solutions for a large number of applications.
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  • BarsBars
  • HôtelsHostels
  • RestaurantsRestaurants
  • MuséesMuseums
  • Architectures commercialesRetail and Showrooms
  • Galerie, ShowroomCorporate / Institutions

AS Series – A design that defines new aesthetic standards

The intention of the AS-Series is being able to seduce both the ear and the eye.
Place the speakers where they ought to be !


AS Series – 3 lines of unique mounting solutions

  • accrochage perchoire


    Wall - Ceiling - Freestanding

  • accrocgae suspendu


    Great heights

  • accrochage tube


    Lighting tracks - Trusses